Exam Prep

Here at the English Lodge we prepare adults and teenagers for official exams. The demand for these official certificates has become extremely high and we fully understand the importance of these exams. We offer specialised exam preparation courses for exams such as:

- FCE (The Cambridge First Certificate in English)

- CAE (The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English)

- CPE (The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English)

- KET (The Cambridge Key English Test)

- PET (The Cambridge Preliminary English Test)


For more information about our exam preparation classes, please feel free to contact us:

E: info@englishlodge.es
T: 931.899.426

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A breakdown of the exam preparation classes The English Lodge offers can be found below:

KET: The Cambridge Key English TestThis is a pre-intermediate level examination and proves that you have a good basic level of English. It also gives the student valuable experience of taking an international exam.
PET: The Cambridge Preliminary English TestThis is an intermediate level exam and shows that you can apply your English skills to work and study.
FCE: The Cambridge First Certificate in EnglishThe FCE exam is an upper-intermediate level exam. It is probably the most popular exam that the University of Cambridge offers and it proves that you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study.
CAE: The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced EnglishThis is an advanced level exam and has become an increasingly desired qualification. The need for high-level English skills for work and study has never been higher and this exam proves that the student can stand out from the crowd.
CPE: The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in EnglishProficiency is the most advanced qualification of English offered by the University of Cambridge. It proves that you have gained an extremely high level of English and is extremely useful when studying at the highest level of academia or working within an international environment.